UFO project

Rio De Janeiro- May 24th 2009

Brazil Project site

Video of daytime test flight from on-board camera

Media video reports

BBC News 24th May
Video Globo (16th May, First preview feature )
Video Globo, (23rd May,  with amusing bouncing UFO graphic!)
Video Globo (25th May, Includes aerial footage from chase copters)
RJTV (20th May, preview feature before flight)
RJTV (23rd May preview)
MSN Video Footage from hangar, interview  & flight from beach

YouTube - misc. media reports & home videos

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GDANSK - 4th July 2008

Presentation on the making of the project at This Happenned

More images here   And here

Video - view from town

Video - on-board camera

A long Youtube vid of the flight

Another youtube vid - mislabelled as Belgium

Cinimod Studio project page

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Misc pics at the Shipyard

Their welding gear - can't think why I liked this....

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Insanely big crane - note operator cab on stalk ( next to hook block)

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