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See also : 48 channel and 96 channel DMX dimmers for 12-24v constant-voltage LEDs, 32-channel DMX constant-current driver

8- and 16- channel DMX AC LED dimmers DIM8-ACL and DIM16-ACL

Update 5-Sep-2022 : Both units now in stock. Price £375 for 16 channel, £275 for 8 channel. Both +VAT.


Trailing-edge (phase cut) Dimmers for AC mains-powered dimmable LEDs



Supply voltage 100-250VAC. 50Hz/60Hz auto-switching
No-load power consumption 1W max
Output current 500mA per channel (115W at 230V) 500mA per channel (115W at 230V)
Limited by total device load to 250mA average across all channels (4A total)
Total load 4Amps (920W at 230V)
Minimum load None - outputs stable down to zero load
Dimming method Trailing edge / phase-cut
Overcurrent trip 5A RMS (7A peak) across all channels
Overcurrent trip time <50uS
Interface DMX512. Configurable as 8 or 16 bit per channel
Hardware dimming resolution 10 bit / 1024 steps
Dimming curve Linear phase delay with adjustable minimum value. Please enquire for custom curves.
Internal fuse 5A fast-blow, 5x20mm ceramic (User replaceable)
Dimensions 106 w x 90 h x 33mm d  excluding connectors.
130mm Height including connectors and space for wiring
160 w x 90 h x 33mm d
130mm Height including connectors and space for wiring
Weight 170g 240g

User manual (PDF)


For pricing, enquiries and ordering : please email info@whitewing.co.uk