Universal through-hole and SMD prototyping board

I got tired looking for a prototyping board that had all the stuff I wanted, so decided to design my own....

19 Feb 2024 - I am no longer selling these, but here are the gerber files so you can order your own.
Note you may get a surcharge over the initial web quote due to the high hole count.
I suggest you order with white soldermask so you can write on it.

22 Dec 2012 - New MK.3 version now in stock!

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Top side (actual image of board)

Top view

Underside (actual image of board)

Bottom view

Top Copper

Top copper

Bottom copper (top view)

Bottom copper

Underside breakout tracking details
View from top side View from bottom side
0.65mm MSOP wpe60.jpg (65677 bytes) wpe60.jpg (65677 bytes)
0.5mm TSOP
1mm SO/FFC
Small 0.65mm MSOP,bottom
Small 0.5mm TSOP, top

Red = top side

D-sub and 3.5mm to 2mm area wpe6F.jpg (71060 bytes) wpe6F.jpg (71060 bytes)

Bug list for Mk.3

1) Hole sizes on .156/.2" pads could do with bring bigger

Workaround : Drill them out.

2) Row spacing on small 0.5/0.65mm breakout too small for some packages.

Workaround : Use central breakout area.

3) White resist, although good for marking, too opaque to see tracking clearly - maybe add more silkscreen info next time.