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White Wing Logic

Integrated Microcomputer Hardware and Software Systems

Custom electronics for Art & Architecture
Custom lighting controls & LED installations
Electronic Product Design & Prototyping 
 Electronics Consultancy 
 Embedded Software Development 
Production Engineering

Microchip registered consultant

Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom
Contact Mike Harrison
email info@whitewing.co.uk 

Current products

8 and 16 channel DMX AC mains trailing-edge LED dimmers

48 channel DMX LED dimmer

96 channel DMX LED dimmer

32 channel constant-current DMX LED driver

24 channel constant-current DMX LED driver

Etherdecode - add 100Mbit ethernet protocol trigger & decode to a mixed-signal scope or logic analyser

Universal through-hole/Surface mount prototyping board

Recent Projects

Date Client Project Work
2023 Jason Bruges Studio Energy Dynamics Design of custom LED boards and ethernet control system

2023 Jason Bruges Studio Rotation Index

Design of custom LED display boards
2022 United Visual Artists Present Shock artwork Design of custom display boards
2022 Jason Bruges Studio Halocine sky Tampa,USA

Design of custom LED strips and control system
2021 Jason Bruges Studio Reaction Diffusion Design of custom LED strips and control system
2021 Jason Bruges Studio Lux Automata

Electronic design & firmware for cube node and data/power distribution spine.

2021 Jason Bruges Studio Latent Facade Design of custom LED strip controllers
2020 Jason Bruges Studio LED/LCD Atrium feature for Hanook Techniplex Design of custom LED/LCD control system
2020 Jason Bruges Studio Dynamic Tread wall for Hanook Techniplex Design of custom LED fixture

2020 Hypersonic Planet World Chandelier Design of custom LED fixtures, power and data distribution hardware

2019 Soso Akamai Customer experience Design of custom LED fixtures, power and data distribution hardware
2019 Jason Bruges Studio Vector Field Design of custom LED strips and controllers
2019 Jason Bruges Studio Shadow wall Design of custom LED+sensor boards
2019 Studio Roso
507A5124-2_alt2 2200px copy.jpgBloom at London Science Museum

Design & build of stepper motor+LED control boards and power/data distribution system.

2018 Jason Bruges Studio Icosahedral sky 

Electronic & mechanical design of Custom RGBW LED cluster and data distribution system
2018 Jason Bruges Studio Perlin Canopy

Electronic & mechanical design of Custom RGBW LED ring assemblies and data distribution system
2018 Jason Bruges Studio Life in the Dark at London Natural History
RGB Voxel display system, Custom high-intensity LED strips
2018 UnitedVisualArtists   New Dawn Custom LED strips and controller

2018 UnitedVisualArtists   The Etymologies Custom modular LED matrix display system

2018 UnitedVisualArtists    Flux painting Custom heating matrix board for thermochromic paint surface
2017 Cinimod Studio
 Ricky Table for Ralph Lauren
Custom RFID reader / LED ring boards
2017 Soso Colorspace Custom LED modules+control system
2017 Second Story Sanford Imaginetcs Custom LED modules, 48 channel dimmers
2017 Hirsch & Mann Fibre optic installation at Google NYC pop-up Custom high intensity LED array fibre illuminator
2016 Jason Bruges Studio Digital ornithology Data-over-power 2-wire LCD drive system, mechanical frame design.

2016 UnitedVisualArtists  440Hz Custom LED strips and controller.
2016 Miriamandtom Colour Cloud Custom LED boards
2016 Loop.ph The Wind Report Controller for re-purposed monitor CCFL backlights
2016 Jason Bruges Studio Pixel Constellation at IFA 2016 exhibition, Berlin. 32 channel constant-current dimmers for LEDs and OLEDs
2016 Jason Bruges Studio Liquid Crystal Custom LCD control system
2016 Cinimod Studio Digital Shimmer Custom dimmer/control board
2016 Hirsch & Mann Interactive LED  event  invitation All electronics & firmware.
2015   Pentagonal RGB LED display board for camera sphere.
3000 RGB LEDs on 2.5mm pitch, 12 faces with cameras on each face.
All electronics & firmware.
2015  UnitedVisualArtists  A Distant Light. LED installation for Selfridges, London.   Custom power/data controllers, electrical design & installation 
2015 Miriamandtom Pattern Shift  Cristmas lighting at Pacific Place shopping centre , Hong Kong All electronics and firmware, Mechanical/interconnect design.
2015 Cinimod Studio Baby Angel
High density white LED display
All electronics and firmware
2015 Hirsch & Mann Tech City at MOMA New York Daisychainable greyscale driver boards for white LED signage panels
2015 Cinimod Studio Vanity Mirror All electronics and board firmware
2015 Hirsch & Mann FRHANK Every kid needs a robot Custom LED matrix boards, power management and media player
2015 Plessey Semiconductor 500mm diameter circular blue/white LED video display for Lux Live 2015 exhibition stand, with live camera input. All hardware, software and assembly
2014 UnitedVisualArtists wpe8C.jpg (7503 bytes)Blueprint at

Philadelphia University City Science Centre

Custom RGBW LED display boards
2014 Cinimod Studio Emergence Light sculpture at London Heathrow Airport Custom LED strips and control system, firmware and system design.
2014 Hirsch & Mann wpe8B.jpg (26189 bytes)Discovery Wall at Weill Cornell Medical College, NYC.
Display wall using 2,800 TFT LCDs
All electronic design & firmware
2014 Jason Bruges Studio wpe8C.jpg (7500 bytes)Back to Front Interactive light features Toronto.

Video1  Video 2

Also used in Digital Double

LED/sensor board design & firmware, system design.
2014 Studio XO wpe7B.jpg (11530 bytes)Video helmet for Arcade Fire Wireless DMX to LED panel video player interface
2013 Hirsch & Mann  Beats by Dre custom LED headphones Custom LED display panels and miniature media player

2013 Hirsch & Mann Photo by akio-style.comCadbury Joy jacket Custom LED PCBs
2013 RMS Designs wpe7C.jpg (10722 bytes)Grove of Oaks at Lumiere Derry Customised 48 channel dimmers for control of EL wire
2013 Studio XO wpe7D.jpg (44328 bytes)Lady Gaga bubble dress DMX dervo controllers, SD card animation player
2013 UnitedVisualArtists wpe7E.jpg (26765 bytes)Passage Interactive audio/lighting installation, Bath UK map Custom audio players with LED animation control.
2013 Is This Good? wpe7F.jpg (14801 bytes)Laser Orchestra Audio controlled laser performance Custom sound triggered laser control boxes
2013 UnitedVisualArtists wpe80.jpg (17415 bytes)Serpentine gallery sculpture Custom LED strips & DMX control system
2013 Marshmallow Laser Feast MarshmallowLaserFeast_630x392Laser Forest Custom laser control/sensor boards
2013 UnitedVisualArtists wpe81.jpg (44800 bytes)Continuum PCBs, electronics design & firmware
2013 Cinimod Studio Pacifico Ring,  Lighting installation Custom LED strips and  minature media player
2012 UnitedVisualArtists wpe82.jpg (4565 bytes)Grey Area Artwork
Custom LED strip design & build, miniature SD card player.
2012 Hirsch & Mann CubeTwoTowersFullBrightnessLED Cube at The Crystal, London Electronics for 24x24x24 1.2m LED cube 3D display
2012 UnitedVisualArtists wpe83.jpg (4602 bytes)Fragment Light sculpture, Dubai. Custom LED strips & 144 channel DMX dimmers, cabling & electrical design.
2012 Cinimod Studio HALO 4 UK launch Illuminated glyph flown by helicopter over London Electrical design & installation.
2012 UnitedVisualArtists wpe84.jpg (5880 bytes)Always Never Artwork Custom DMX dimmers and LED strips
2012 Technology WIll Save Us wpe85.jpg (21607 bytes)Bright Eyes LED glasses Electronic & PCB design
2012 Loop.ph

wpe86.jpg (28222 bytes)Tree lungs Light installation

Custom outdoor PSU/DMX dimmer boxes.
2012 Is This Good? Brother printer orchestra Custom MIDI controlled stepper,LED and actuator driver boards.
2012 Hirsch & Mann Interactive exhibits at Science Museum Turing exhibition Custom electronics for rotary persistance of  vision display, LED display and button interface boards for Arduino.
2012 Cinimod Studio Moon chandelier Custom 20 channel DMX OLED driver
2012 Cinimod Studio London Eye Custom hardware to dynamically re-map DMX lighting data for fixed-orientation  displays regardless of wheel position.
2011 Technology Will Save Us product_instrument3 (1)Lumiphone Concept, hardware & PCB design
2011 Jason Bruges Studio Nature Trail at Great Ormond St.Hospital Custom 32x32 LED panels.
2011 Hirsch & Mann Smart box for Mind The Future Hardware, firmware  & PCB design.
2011 Cinimod Studio Finial Response, Great Pulteney St. London  Map 48 channel DMX dimmers, custom infrared proximity sensors,   control system and software.
2011 Jason Bruges Studio Digital Fountain, Westfield Stratford, London Custom 64-channel LCD panel controllers, Quad isolated USB-RS485 interfaces.
2011 Cinimod Studio wpe88.jpg (24443 bytes)Aronas chandeliers Lima, Peru 48 channel DMX dimmers, customised for 48V operation.
2011 Jake Dyson Picture #4CSYS LED Task Light Touch-dimming driver electronics design
2010/11 Jason Bruges Studio http://i.thisis.co.uk/275561/binaries/HU-PIER_DAY4.jpgInteractive entrance piers and feature lighting columns    West Park, Hull Map Custom DMX controllers for entrance piers, Infrared tracking and  control system & software for lighting columns
2010 Cinimod Studio DJ Light Lima, Peru Infrared tracking
2010 Cinimod Studio Butterfly in flight Heathrow Terminal Five
Now relocated to Westfield, West London
48 channel DMX dimmers, electrical control & cabling design/build
2010 http://swummoq.net/ wpe89.jpg (15369 bytes)Video facemasks for Rhythm Monks  Modular 4x4 RGB LED video tiles (10mm pitch)
2010 Jason Bruges Studio Game Show Artwork at Matthew Knight Arena, Oregon Custom 64 channel DMX LCD panel controllers.
2010 Cinimod Studio wpe8A.jpg (47165 bytes)SNOG shop, King's Road London  48 channel DMX dimmers for ceiling RGBW effects lighting.
2010 Jason Bruges Studio Shortcut Dover St., London  Infrared tracking, Control system & software
2010 Cinimod Studio Interactive projections at Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2010 Custom 2.4GHz RFID transponders
2010 Jason Bruges Studio Reveal for Aston Martin Custom OLED DMX controllers
2010 Creatmosphere The River of Light presented by CreatmosphereRiver of Light Custom wireless DMX floating LED buoys
2010 Cinimod Studio Light Symphony, Moscow Map Electrical design & installation. 20-channel DMX dimmer boards.
2010 Jason Bruges Studio Mimosa at Milan 2010 Electrical design/build,Infrared tracking, 48 channel DMX dimmer
2010 Jason Bruges Studio Reflex portraits, Screen Cloud at Kinetica Art Fair  Video Custom white LED matrix panels, position-sensing LCD controllers
2010 Cinimod Studio Flutter DMX controlled LCD screens, Infrared tracking,
2009 Jason Bruges Studio Mirror,Mirror, V&A Museum London, and Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Custom white LED matrix boards,Image sensing, software
2009 Jason Bruges Studio Get a word in Cambridge Regional College Custom CCFL dimmer boards
2009 Jason Bruges Studio Panda Eyes Infrared tracking,  Control system & software
2008 & 2009 Cinimod Studio wpe2.jpg (305040 bytes)UFO Electrical systems design & installation
2009 Cinimod Studio with Chris O'Shea Beacon installation Custom controllable beacons & infrared tracking system
2009 Jason Bruges Studio http://www.jasonbruges.com/assets/0000/1766/Flatliner_2_large.jpgFlatliner lamp Hardware design & PCB layout
2009 Ico Design Timetable DMX LED dimmer boards
2009 Block Architecture Signage for Hussein Chalayan exhibition at Design Museum, London and Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Custom white LED matrix panels for exhibit title signage
2008 Jason Bruges Studio Normand Park, Fulham Map Custom LED drivers and control software, custom microwave sensors
2008 Jason Bruges Studio "Vestige" interactive lighting at Curve Theatre, Leicester Custom LED drivers, Thermal imaging
2008 Jason Bruges Studio Revival Goodwood Customised controllable Xenon flash units
2008 Jason Bruges Studio Silverburn shopping Centre, Glasgow Tracking, Control system & software
2008 Jason Bruges Studio Holborn "Window Stories" Hardware design, PCB layout, firmware
2008 Jason Bruges Studio O2 Memory Project   (BBC Story) Tracking system
2008 Jason Bruges Studio Highcross shopping centre, Leicester Tracking system
2008 Jason Bruges Studio Night Gallery for Greenpeace at Glastonbury Tracking system, Control system & software
2008 Jason Bruges Studio Power Up, Dagenham Control system & software
2008 Cinimod Studio Wireless LED table centerpieces Hardware & firmware design
2008 Rock Galpin Animated Sign for Cocoon resturant, London White LED matrix panel
2007 Jason Bruges Studio Bluetooth controlled interactive lighting installation on Tower Bridge Hardware, remote bluetooth sensors, Software & Bluetooth tracking concept
2007 Jason Bruges Studio Interactive lighting at Royal Alexandra Hospital, Brighton Controller, Custom wireless IR sensor
2007 Jason Bruges Studio Broadwick House lighting installation, London  (Building Design articleMap Custom LED Panels, control system
2007 Jason Bruges Studio Interactive dado rail  Bath Custom display/sound boards and control system, software
2007 O2 Stores Large countdown clocks for O2 store Iphone launch Full design/build
2007 Jason Bruges Studio ASDA Bench, Poole Control system & software, custom Bluetooth sensors
2006 Jason Bruges Studio Zoetrope Custom Xenon strobe/motor units , microwave sensor
2006 Jason Bruges Studio Infinity wall Custom CCFL dimmers and sensor system


Other Products (forthcoming, legacy, potential)

DMXCUBE DMX lighting controller for interactive lighting installations


Drivers and manual for PCMCIA Picmaster interface card here

Manual for PBT-01 battery tester
(slightly mangled from conversion from old file format, but readable)


Error-diffusion filter plugin for VirtualDub